Reporting Services

We offer a portfolio of innovative services which either did not exist in the past or were only available at astronomical prices.

We harness innovative technologies, listen to our clients and develop new niche applications, which are not obvious, but extract and deliver obvious value.

Real Time Ranking

This is what we call our live screens for outbound call centres - they help boost productivity and give instant visibility on business performance; indispensable for those who manage by objectives. Learn more

Call Recording

This is an application that addresses a number of needs at modern call centres: compliance, quality monitoring, training and coaching, regulatory requirements, etc. We developed natural language algorithms to help you navigate the long lists and listen to recordings anywhere in the world. Learn more

Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly Reports

These reports provide key statistics and KPIs in condensed format to call centre managers. You have access to the latest information about how your floor performed in the past. Learn more

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