Are Lexatel the right company for us?

If you are an outbound call centre with more than 5 employees on the phones, then there is a good chance we'll be the right service provider for you - wherever you are in the world.

What size of businesses do you work with?

Our typical clients are between 15 and 40 seat call centres. Our smallest clients are 5 seat and our largest is 80 seats. We don't accept clients smaller than 5 seats and would be wary of potential clients with more than 100 seats.

Do we have to pay Sales Tax (VAT)?

If your business is in the EU, excluding Spain, and you have a VAT number that is registered in the EU VAT database, we can supply you services at zero rate for VAT under the VAT reverse charge procedure. If your company is not in the EU VAT database then we'll apply the VAT rate where your company is based. If you are located outside the EU VAT does not apply.