Charges Explained

We have several concept we charge for and how we deal with them are explained below:

Voice Calls

All voice calls are debited from your prepay account as soon as the call is finished. If you don't have any credit on your account you will not be able to make calls.


These include items like the hosted PBX, Real Time Ranking, Call Recording, Worldwide Numbers, Internet services etc. These all have a monthly cost which we divide by 30 resulting in a daily charge for each service. This daily charge is taken from your account each morning, in the early hours.

One Off Charges

These are applied to the account as and when they occur. These are for items like equipment, configuration, installation, service set up and shipping.


We only have two fees we ever apply to customer accounts. The first one is when a customer pays into our account less than 300€. We apply this fee of 20€ to encourage customers to pay 300€ or more each time they pay. This was brought in due to some customers paying in small amounts each day, which resulted in additional administration work for us. The second fee of 20€ is applied when customers call us to reflect a payment they have just made because they have or are about to run out of funds in their prepaid account. We apply this fee because we have to react immediately to the customer's emergency, which disrupts the work we were doing. To help customers avoid this situation they can put in as many mobile phone numbers and email addresses into our Notifications for Low Credit. Then when the account balance hits €2000, €500, €250, €100 and €20 all the mobile phones and email addresses will receive the appropriate notification; at no extra charge.